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HELLO, lovely people.

Welcome to our store.

Happy 2021!
See ya later (never again), 2020.

So, hi! You may have guessed… we are not a big, fancy store. We are an itty bitty, business. We love our stuff and want to sell it to you. We think you will love them too 😍

We create beautiful, abstract art that is directly printed to clothing. Especially the best-ever thing since pizza πŸ•LEGGINGS! Oh, and bags.

And we are suckers for t-shirts that say anything (mostly) to do with yoga or relaxing. Positivity, people!

Plus, all the comfy things. After all the crap we’ve been through of late, no one wants sticky, scratchy clothes. Our clothing items are made when you order. Just for you!! Apologies in advance, we are not Amazon. Perfection does take a couple of weeks πŸ˜‰

We have handmade jewelry, too. Mostly necklaces right now, but look out! We are a bit eclectic, but who isn’t? If it’s our artsy or crafty, it could show up here.

Thanks for looking. Everyone at Laura in Florida appreciates you! If you have questions or anything, go ahead and contact us here:


Hey! Would you like to see the inspirations for our yoga leggings?

Check it out here! Art… Inspired.

'Tis the season for saving.

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