Art… Inspired

We thought it would be fun to show the art pieces that inspired our yoga leggings. We hope you like them 🙂

Black Camo Canvas PaintingBlack Camo Leggings

Black Camo Canvas Painting

Give Me Purple Green and Gold Leggings

Give Me Purple Green and Gold Canvas Painting

Goblins Leggings

Goblins Canvas Painting

HurricanesHurricanes Yoga Leggings

Hurricanes Canvas Painting
This image is a framed version of the Hurricanes painting. Actual canvas image coming soon.
We manipulated the colors to come up with different variations for the rest of the Hurricanes clothing 🙂

Neon Halloween Yoga Leggings

Neon Halloween Canvas Painting

Ocean View Yoga Leggings

Ocean View Canvas Painting

Pink Galaxy Canvas PaintingPink Galaxy Leggings

Pink Galaxy Canvas Painting

Sea Dreams Canvas PaintingSea Dreams Leggings

Sea Dreams Canvas Painting

Surf's Up Canvas PaintingSurf's Up Yoga Leggings

Surf’s Up Canvas Painting

Turquoise Sea Yoga Leggings

Turquoise Sea Canvas Painting